Prices and Rates:

  1. The prices quoted for the supply of cranes do not include the provision of Lifting supervisors, signalmen, riggers and Lifting gears.
  2. There will be administrative charge for last-minutes cancellation of order prior to mobilization of Sing Lian Cranes’s equipment.


  1. Sing Lian Cranes has no liability in the events of loss or damaged to the Cargo.
  2. In no events shall Sing Lian Cranes be liable for any loss of business, profit, goodwill or any type of special, indirect or consequential loss.
  3. Sing Lian Cranes shall not under any circumstances be liable to make payment to the Customers in respect of or to indemnify the Customer against any loss, injury or damage sustained by the Customers or by any Third party as a result of any unforeseen events  during the course of providing of services.
  4. Sing Lian Cranes shall not be responsible for any liabilities arising from, and at the request of the customers, the provision of operators   in handling customers’ equipment and the provision of workmen at the Customers’ worksite.
  5. All goods are handled lifted and/or carried entirely at Customers’ risk. Sing Lian Cranes shall not be liable for any loss or damage of  whatsoever and howsoever occasioned at any time and whether caused by any acts defaults or negligence of Sing Lian Cranes    or otherwise howsoever. Any usage of Sing Lian Cranes’s lifting/tackles gears, sling, steel wires and/or other accessories for the loading and unloading goods of goods shall also be at Customers’ risk.


  1. The Customer shall take up all types of Insurance (ie. All risks Insurance on goods handled, Third Parties and Public Liability, workmen compensation etc) other than the insurance on Sing Lian Cranes’s equipment and operators and shall hold Sing Lian Cranes harmless from and to defend and indemnify Sing Lian Cranes against all claims of damages and losses and the consequences whatsoever arising from the use of the equipment and the provision of services.